A Message from the Chairman

I wish a warm welcome from all at L&D Radio to all our followers.

For those listening via Hospedia or on 1134 kHz Medium Wave – we’re sorry you’re in hospital, but hope that we can do a little to brighten up your time while you’re here.

If you’re listening to us via the internet, we hope that you also are enjoying our programmes.

Just remember, if you happen to know someone who is in the L&D, we’d be delighted to pass on your messages or play them a dedication.

L&D Radio was founded in 1965, and in the 51 years since then the world has changed dramatically.  Just as our founders (with their box of cassettes and a telephone line connection unit) wouldn’t recognise the station of today with multiple computers, news bulletins via satellite, digital music formats from CDs to MP3s, plus digital downloads of course…

Radio, generally has changed too.  In 1965 most people listened to radio on the Medium Wave (MW) band or Long Wave (LW), very few had invested in the new-fangled FM.  In those days you could have a choice of Hi Fi or Stereo – no one seemed to consider combining the two.  Nowadays, MW is being trimmed back as governments want to re-use the frequencies and DAB has entered the scene alongside FM.  TV music videos pull the younger market in new directions while the latest smart mobile phone is essential for the credibility of today’s youth.

So, from one who fondly remembers hiding under the blankets in my bedroom with a single earpiece trying to get distant stations on my short wave transistor radio, I welcome you all to L&D Radio, 2016 style.

Best wishes for a long and healthy future,

Mike Ollivier

Chairman, L&D Radio