L&D Radio Info

L&D Radio broadcasts not only at Luton & Dunstable Hospital, but also online at www.ldhr.co.uk, and on medium wave at 1134 AM.

Hospital radio has been proven to be beneficial to patients, some of whom spend almost all day in bed, by offering them a sense of belonging as well as playing some of their favourite tunes.

It’s very important to keep this vital branch of care going, so if you want to make a difference to your local good cause, then there are a number of ways to achieve this.

You can follow L&D Radio on their various social media platforms: Twitter @ldhradio; Facebook L&D Radio; Instagram @ldhradio; and YouTube L&D Radio.

There are multiple ways to support the radio station, such as using your Co-op card, which can all be found online.

You don’t want to lose this local amenity which is so good for patients and non-patients alike, so all your support would be gratefully received.