Would you like to be involved with our station and become a member?

There are always many different skills required for different tasks within the radio station. Do you have a natural flare in something? Maybe you would make an excellent presenter and could spare some time, perhaps you can help with fundraising, we need your ideas, or maybe behind the scenes helping out.

We want members to participate in many of the activities (i.e. more than just presenting), as we need to maintain the station for now and it’s continuance.

One of the most important activities is ward visiting – this goes hand in hand with presenting as it allows you to visit patients around the hospital, drum up interest and collect requests. That way when you are presenting you can play those requests making your show personal and special to the listeners.

We understand that members are giving up their time as volunteers, so we do ask you for what amount of time you can spare for the station on a regular basis.

Note: You are always welcome to arrange an appointment to come and visit us if you are interested.

You can give us a call or email us (see Contact Us) if you are interested in becoming a member, we will then arrange to meet you.

Annual membership fee is required . We broadcast on an AM frequency, this does incur legal costs for annual Local Radio Authority licences. With such costs for the licences, this may later require a small increase to our membership charge to cover the operation of the AM broadcast.

You must be a UK citizen, and aged 18 years or above to become a member of L&D Hospital Radio. References will be required. Please note that you are also subject to a police security check before you can become a member of the station. All Members are required to under-go our own in-house training and will be required to complete a L&D Hospital Radio basic test before they are able to broadcast live on air.

We cannot offer work experience to anyone under 18 years of age .

As a member you will:

  • Get training on equipment and broadcasting
  • Have access to station facilities including studios and equipment
  • Be able to broadcast live on air
  • Once trained have access to our computerised Play-out Automation System for your shows
  • Have access to many of the station facilities