Presenter Profile: Donna Yates

I’m a ‘newish’ member of the station and thought I would introduce myself for those that haven’t met me.

I was born in Hampshire, grew up in Watford (but try not to hold that against me as I am not a footie fan) and moved to Luton 12 years ago, so it looks like I’m heading north! My day job has me driving around Hertfordshire as a mental health nurse on a memory team, something that I really enjoy apart from the inevitable traffic jams of course.

I have always been really passionate about music, of all different kinds, and I have played
(albeit rather badly) in a band and love to go to any sort of live music event. It was so good to combine volunteering with being a part of a radio station. Having worked in the NHS for the best part of 26 years, hospitals are quite a natural environment for me!

I recently started my own show on Sunday evenings 7-9. This was only possible due to the help I received from people on this team and it has been a really nice experience. It is early days, but I am definitely enjoying it and feel quite passionate about upping the profile of the station. This has led me to recently re-open my old Facebook page (much to the amazement of my friends and family, as I closed it 6 years ago) to encourage listenership and see if that helps up the profile. I’m even going to have a go at Twitter. I want my show to be a real request show so do have a listen and send me a request. If we have it, I am playing it!

Hope to see you soon.