Keith Bowden

Hiya. I’m Keith Bowden and have been with L and D Radio now coming up for 5 years.

I have been involved in school radio and RAF Radio in the 60’s before going to Wycombe Hospital Radio in 1968 where I stayed until its demise in 2013. I was also involved with Radio Bedfordshire as a sports stringer and reporter in the early 90’s for about 3 years and European Classic Rock Radio in the early 2010’s as a rock DJ, but finished with them because rock music wasn’t really my thing! Sorry rockers!!!

Professionally I have been involved with broadcasting all my working life, starting with the BBC in 1966 and working at Television Centre as a studio sound supervisor until my early retirement in 1998. I stayed on there as a freelancer working on CBBC, Blue Peter, The Lottery, The Vanessa Phelps Show, and finally the last 5 years of the Kilroy programme until that went belly-up in 2004. I was certainly lucky to be involved in the heart of TV production during its glory days when you could go into the canteen and see for example Adolf Hitler dining with Doctor Who! (I jest not).

In 2004 I joined Sky, again in the TV studios, working mainly on Sky Sports News, Sky Sports itself, and some Sky Arts programmes. I fully retired from all paid work in 2012, just before the Olympics.

On L&D Radio I present the Keith Bowden Clang Show on a Wednesday afternoon from 3pm till 6pm with upbeat music, some quizzes with their non-existent prizes, and all the usual birthday spots, country spots, showtime and much more.