Nicola Howland

I am one of the new presenters that have joined our team. My show is on Sunday evenings, 7pm till 8pm, it’s called Nicola’s Love Hour and it involves some of the most romantic love songs ever made to help get you in the mood for some love. It’s the perfect way to end your week and an even better way to start the week.

Some of the artists include my favourite Barry White (better known as the walrus of love), Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye. They are songs that I grew up listening to and these guys definitely know how to set the mood for some love.

Myself, I am a happy soul, always smiling and seeing the happy side of things, enjoy the company of others and am a very sociable girl.

I have a busy week as a full time civil agent in London, also a busy auntie to my two well-loved nieces (Keanu and Keona) and the newest addition my gorgeous nephew Kiefer whom I often throw in a dedication for on the show.

Myself and producer John really enjoy playing love songs maybe a little too much but we just can’t help it, its music we both enjoy, grew up with and can dance along to.