Report from the Chair

Welcome to our website. I am pleased to represent the station during 2015/2016 in the capacity of Chair.

The studios of L&D radio are run by an entire team of volunteers including the management and committee. Our volunteers do amazing work on a daily basis which includes supporting a number of organisations and community events throughout the year.

We aim to provide an excellent standard of impartial talk and music to entertain and encourage free exchange of information,

Our dedicated technical team work hard to keep our service provision on air without interruption 24/7.
We also endeavour to work closely with the L&D Hospital Trust and are a member of the Hospital Broadcasting Association.

During my term as Chair we are placing extra focus on recruitment and have been encouraged by the applications we have recently received. Radio can accommodate people from all walks of life and all ages who would like to work in a volunteering capacity whilst learning or improving skills associated with running a radio station. Robust training is always provided. Please see the volunteer section in this magazine if the idea appeals to you, why not join us during our 51st year of continuous broadcasting.

For those of you in hospital, my team and I wish you a speedy recovery

Jennifer Tyrell