Ward Visiting

By going out to visit patients we meet listeners before going on air with their requests. This is an important part of our broadcasting to the hospital community. The patients enjoy our visits and we enjoy meeting people, and, hopefully, make their stay a little more comfortable.

We receive many requests from inside and outside of the hospital with dedications and personal requests. We quickly build up a rapport with our listeners who often ring the studio.

Out on the wards we take cleanliness very seriously always ensuring we know where the wash dispensers are placed which we use vigorously. When necessary, we assist patients to log on to the Hospedia bedside units ensuring that new headphones are provided to enable them to listen to us. Listening to the radio is free of charge.

To ensure that all wards (where visiting is permitted) are included in our visits, we maintain an ongoing diary. Usually, we like to visit in groups of two radio volunteers as this lightens up the atmosphere with patients and their families. We try to involve everyone to encourage the patient to tune in.