What’s on at the Theatre

Dick Whittington

Reviewed by Stephen Edwards

Milton Keynes Theatre stars Samantha Womack (Queen Rat), Kev Orkian (Jack) lovely Stacey Solomon, (Fairy Bowbells) Kevin Brewis as Sarah the cook, Chris Jenkins (Dick) and Hannah Ponting as Alice.

When Dick and his feline side kick Tommy the cat (Sophie Hart) arrive in London and meet Alice; the daughter of a well off trader, he thinks all his Christmas’s have come at once – but evil Queen Rat decides that the boy is in the way of her plan to gain power and frames him for a crime of theft to get him banished from town!

There is something unique, sublime about Panto… It is British… It is about tradition… it captures all that is beautiful about storytelling and most importantly it brings fun, joy and laughter to the young and the young at heart.

That is what this panto is all about… a reminder that in a year that challenged our British-ness …in a year that defied conventional wisdom… we can sit back in and revel in the joy of our unique identity.

In each review I extol the majestic wonder of the MK special effects… this is no exception…. Uncle Barry on sound was on point and was truly outstanding.

Kev funny bones travelled miles across the stage delighting the audience young and not so, innuendo after joke just oozed from him

The magnificent voice of Samantha Womack…. Albert Square’s loss is MK theatre’s gain.

I delighted in the sing off between Dick and Queen Rat and doubly rejoiced in DW’s popular triumph.

The message is clear good always trumps evil.

The costumes were glitzy dancers and the juveniles did not disappoint as they delivered some great choreographed routines.

Part 2 was awesome all that is good… all that is right…. all that is wonderful about British art… no… not the perfection of acting but the power of theatre and how it changes and reflects on us as a people was encapsulated.

Before coming to the show I read major press castigation of Stacy Solomon… No Sirs/Madams your criticisms were no-where to be not seen in her performance this evening…

3D comes to panto in part what a marvel… how creative…  and truly inspiring. It takes intuition to make a classic pantomime feel contemporise and fresh.

Rating: 3.5/5